This Week's Seminar


Dr. Maud L. Menten Memorial Lecture Series

25 Apr @ 11 am
MSB 384
Dr. Charlie Boone
University of Toronto, Donnelly Centre
"Genetic Landscape of a Cell"

Light lunch following the seminar in MSB 346


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Biochemistry News


- Michelle Denomme has successfully defended her PhD thesis.

- Niamh Coughlan, supervised by Dr. Joe Torchia, will give her PhD public lecture on 23 Apr at 1:30 pm in MSB 384. Her thesis title is "The Role of the Arginine Methyltransferase CARM1 in Global Transcriptional Regulation."

- Dr. David Edgell is the editor of the book "Homing Endonucleases" in the series Methods in Molecular Biology.

- Check out the 2nd Canadian Conference on Epigenetics: Epigenetics, Eh! on 24-27 June in London, ON.

- Dr. Peter Rogan is presenting at the BRCA conference in April. More here.

- Check out the poster on dyslipidaemia in Nat Rev Cardiol, courtesy of Dr. Rob Hegele.

- Dr. Peter Rogan is sponsoring a MITACS Accelerate position for a graduate student. Interested? Details here.

- Check out the Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection of talks by experts. Subscription made possible by Western's Taylor Library. Contact Lynn Weir for username and password.

This week's publications

- RB-E2F1-condensin II complex (Dick)

- I-Tev1 nuclease and TALENs (Edgell, Schild-Poulter)

- microbiome and probiotic research in Africa (Gloor)

- statin-related myalgia (Hegele)

- treating high cholesterol (Hegele)

- hypertriglyceridemia (Hegele)

- automating chromosome detection (Rogan)

- validation of predicted mRNA splicing mutations (Rogan)

- acquired pellicle and dental erosion (Siqueira)

- breast tumour subset (Turley)

- More Recent Publications

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