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Graduate Studies in Biochemistry

Applications and Admissions


Application Frequently Asked Questions

Application Deadlines   Admission Requirements

International Applicants

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Application Deadlines

The Biochemistry Program application deadlines are as follows: (these dates are an approximation and may change).

         October 15 (for January start)
         February 1 (First round considerations for September start)
         February 1 (for May start)
         June 1 (for September start)

Applications received on or near the deadline may not be approved in time for the desired start date.

International applicants should also allow time for visa processing.

Please note the Department cannot pre-evaluate copies of transcripts to ascertain if you should apply to our program. A complete application must be submitted for review.


Admission Requirements

Degree Requirements for Entry to the MSc Program:

We will also consider applications from students who do not have a degree listed above but have:

NOTE: Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance to the program as space is limited and competitive.

Degree Requirements for Entry to the PhD Program:

Direct Entry to PhD from a Bachelor's Program: In addition to the requirements for entry to the MSc program, applications for direct entry to the PhD program must have a minimum academic average of 85%. Research experience would be an asset, but is not a requirement. Applicants wishing to be considered for direct entry should state this intent in a covering letter attached to their application.

International Applicants

(this information pertains to International applicants only)

English Language Proficiency

Applicants whose first language is not English must furnish evidence of their proficiency in the use of the English language by a satisfactory achievement within the last two years in one of the following. Our minimum score requirements are:

Please note that photocopies of scores are not acceptable. You must have the testing service send your score electronically.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

For international students educated outside North America, a GRE score in one of the following subjects is required: Biochemistry, Cell & Molecular Biology; Biology; Chemistry. Scores will be evaluated on an individual basis.


Application Process

  1. Complete the on-line application HERE
  2. Department of Biochemistry Questionnaire: Please complete, save and attach to your application.

  3. When applying through the Western Graduate School application, our program requires the following documents for a complete application:

    National applicants:

    1. Application form
    2. Transcripts from all Universities attended
    3. 2 letters of reference
    4. Department questionnaire

    International applicants:

    1. Application form
    2. Transcripts from all Universities attended
    3. 2 letters of reference
    4. Valid English Proficiency Score
    5. Valid GRE score
    6. Department questionnaire

Once Western receives your completed application and payment, an automated email will be sent to you confirming receipt of the completed application. The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will complete a preliminary assessment of your application to calculate an admission average, establish an academic degree basis for your potential admission and determine any additional documentation required by Western should you receive an offer of admission. After your application passes through the preliminary assessment phase an email will be sent to you confirming your application is now in the hands of the program to which you are applying.

Once your application has been released to the Program it will be reviewed as soon as possible. This process may take anywhere between 1-14 business days.

If your application is approved by the program, it will be made available to our faculty. You are encouraged to browse the research interests of our faculty and contact those whose research is of interest.


Financial Information

Graduate Students in the Department of Biochemistry are paid a yearly stipend available through a variety of sources and is dependent on a student's academic standing.

Students, registering in May 2013 or later, and who have an admission average (>70%) are eligible for WGRS funding which partially offsets the cost of tuition. Domestic students (including Permanent Residents and Landed Immigrants) may be eligible for funding in the amount of $4500. International students may be eligible for $10,800.

While in the Program students must maintain an 80% average in graduate courses to retain this funding.

The WGRS is part of a student's total compensation package and is applied directly towards the student's tuition account (i.e. WGRS is not paid to the student).

Tuition information can be found on the Office of the Registrar's site.

Inquiries regarding the Western graduate school application should be directed to: (519) 850-2341 or




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