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Graduate Studies in Biochemistry

Interested in Biochemistry Graduate Studies? See application process.

What do graduate students do in our Department?

Our active community of MSc and PhD graduate students play an important role in advancing research in faculty labs. Our students...

Why enter the Biochemistry program at Western?
Our graduate students experience an exceptional research and teaching environment that will inspire them to be the next generation of scientists and educators. We offer our graduate students the following:

What skills do graduate students gain in our Department?

Graduate work in Biochemistry provides students with important research and teaching skills for future careers. Such skills include the following:

What career options exist for Biochemistry graduate students after graduation?

Biochemistry degrees serve as stepping stones to future careers. Our graduate students learn skills that are transferrable to many occupations. In addition, MSc and PhD degrees can be combined with other degrees in business, journalism, medicine, or law. Examples of representative careers are below.

For MSc degrees:

For PhD degrees:

Career Resources

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