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Welcome to the Department of Biochemistry


Our Goals

The Dept. of Biochemistry strives for excellence in scientific research and teaching. First established in 1924, the Dept. has grown tremendously to form a vibrant community of faculty, research personnel, students, and administrative staff. To maintain our long-standing tradition of excellence, we i) advance scientific discoveries through our successful research programs; ii) participate in the scientific education of undergraduate students; and iii) provide high-quality research training for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers. We aim to create an exceptional research and teaching environment in order to inspire the next generation of scientists and educators.

Our Location

The Dept. is a core unit of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry and is located in the Medical Sciences Building on the main campus. Additional faculty offices and research labs are found in the Siebens Drake Research Institute, Molecular Biology Laboratories, Dental Sciences Building, Robarts Research Institute, London Health Sciences Centre, and Lawson Health Research Institute. See Western maps.

Our Research

Our research faculty comprise a diverse, multi-disciplinary community that effectively advances research discoveriesphoto of dictionary page showing research definition. Our scientists have expertise in genome dynamics, epigenetics, and gene expression; human genetics and clinical biochemistry; signal transduction and intracellular communication; macromolecular structure and dynamics; proteomics; and bioinformatics. Their high-quality research flask of liquidprograms encompass such themes as cancer biology, vascular biology, neurobiology, stem cells, maternal and fetal health, aging, infection, and development. Productive collaborations within our research community and beyond have been vital to accelerating our research successes. In addition, our modern research facilities provide essential services for advancing our research.

Our Seminars

To promote research interactions and disseminate scientific knowledge, our Dept. hosts a weekly Visiting Speaker Seminar Series. In addition, the Dr. Maud L. Menten Memorial Lecture Series features seminars from high-profile scientists.

Our Students

Scientific education of students is a valuable photo of booksDept. initiative. At the undergraduate level, teaching encompasses biochemistry courses for biology, chemistry, and biochemistry programs, as well as for dental and medical students. We offer undergraduate Honors, Majors, and Minors in Biochemistry, as well as joint specializations with other sciences. At the graduate level, our programs include state-of-the-art research structure of moleculestraining leading to MSc and PhD degrees. At the high school level, our Department participates in successful outreach activities through Outreach Science Ontario. This program provides biotechnology kits to science teachers and their students and was initiated using funding from the NSERC PromoScience Program.

We invite you to explore our website to find out more about our dynamic research and teaching enterprise in the Dept. of Biochemistry!

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