Dr. McLachlin's 3rd year lab
Biochemistry 2280 profs


Undergraduate Program in Biochemistry

Contact Information

Counselling - Biochemistry Modules and Program
Students requesting special permission should include their student number in their email message.
      Years 1 & 2 - Science Counsellors, Western Science Centre 191
      Years 3 & 4 -  Derek McLachlin - Email: derek.mclachlin@schulich.uwo.ca

Undergraduate Program Chair
Dr. James Choy
Medical Sciences Building, Room 302

Undergraduate Program Inquiries
Melita Hayes, Undergraduate Program Administrator
Email: melita.hayes@schulich.uwo.ca
Medical Sciences Building, Room 342
Telephone: 519-661-3074

Biochemistry 2280A & 2288A
Judy Penchuk, Course Secretary
Email: judy.penchuk@schulich.uwo.ca
Molecular Biology Laboratories, Room C5
Telephone: 519-661-3362

Graduate Program Inquiries
Barb Green, Graduate Program Administrator
Email: barb.green@schulich.uwo.ca
Medical Sciences Building, Room 342
Telephone: 519-661-2111 ext. 86850

Dr. David Edgell, Co-Graduate Program Chair
Email: dedgell@uwo.ca
Molecular Biology Laboratories, Room C108A
Telephone: 519-661-3133

Dr. Hong Ling, Co-Graduate Program Chair
Email: hling4@uwo.ca
Medical Sciences Building, Room 334
Telephone: 519-661-3557


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